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Job Openings for Seasonal Wranglers

Looking for ranch work in Colorado during the summer?

Rocky Mountain Stables is looking for experienced horse people to join our team.

Do you LOVE working with horses and have EXPERIENCE working with horses of all training levels?
Do you LOVE to make people happy and are you customer service oriented?

Do you LOVE to have a variety of different things you do every day in your job?
Do you get a feeling of SATISFACTION from putting in a full day’s work and giving it your ALL?
If you answered YES to the above questions, this may be the job for you!

A Wrangling position at Rocky Mountain Stables requires a fast learner and a motivated self-starter. Versatility and flexibility are needed for this job’s multiple roles. Fitness and strength are necessary for this very active job! Working at this stable is not your typical 9-5. Staff must be well-groomed, flexible, able to take constructive criticism, and be a team player. Western attire is required. Pay is TBD based upon experience with tips.

How to Apply

Please fill out and submit the form below to apply! Have both your resume and references available. If you have any trouble submitting the form please send us an email at

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