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Rocky Mountain Stables Activities Policies and Procedures

Please be sure you have read and understood the Riding Rules before you book your ride:

Even thought we try our best, sometimes rides don’t leave out on time. Because we are dealing with livestock, wildlife and nature we are met daily with unpredictable situations. Remember, your safety is always our top priority. If we see wildlife on the trail (which we do frequently) we will always take care to respect the wildlife and let the horses stop and see them and allow the wildlife to see us. There are many days we see a lot of wonderful critters on the trail.

Please try to allow an extra hour to your plans just in case we have some delays.


Reservation and Missed Ride Policy:

All reservations must be made online. Cancellations or changes to reservations must be made by telephone at least 48 hours prior to your ride to avoid being charged in full without the possibility of a refund. Cancellations left in a message are not accepted. Most of our guests reserve their horses well in advance, so it is difficult to replace a reservation at late notice. Canceling your horse ride affects business significantly as we have often turned away other customers ready to ride to secure your spot. For this reason, we strictly adhere to our Reservation Policy.

What You Need To Know:

We always have experienced wranglers guiding our horseback rides. They are are there to see to our riders and horses safety. All Riders must be able to control their own horse. This means keeping their heads up and out of the grass and on the trail and following wranglers instructions. Minimum age to go out on the trail is 8 year old an a height requirement is 48inches tall. Helmets are required for ages 13 and under. This is for your child’s safety.

It is important to us that all of our guest have a great time and safe experience on the trail.  Please understand that we do not provide "Therapy Horses"  and we cannot accommodate anyone who has any physical limitations, visual impairments or handicap. All riders must be able to mount and dismount their horse on their own. You must be able to stay seated and centered in the saddle without any aids. Long pants and closed toe shoes recommended. We do reserve the right to not allow a guest to ride if we deem it is not safe.

Being on Time Is Very Important:

YOU MUST ARRIVE 30 minutes before your scheduled ride for our safety talk and trip preparation. This allows time to sign waivers, fit you properly to your horse and give you a riding introduction. If you are late, you may possibly forfeit your reservation with no refund or have to be rescheduled for another ride time if available that same day. It is always our goal for rides to go out on time.

All rides will begin promptly in order to maintain the schedule for previous and following rides.


Weight Limits:

Our policy is set to ensure the safety of both the rider and the longevity of our horses. For your safety and the well-being of our horses, the weight limit for a reservation is 235 lbs. If you or someone are above this weight limit please call.

Because of our concern for riders safety and Liability Insurance, we are strict about our weight policy.

Please CLICK HERE for further details and an explanation of our weight policy.

Age Requirements:

The one hour ride must be 8 years of age or older and at least 4 feet tall. No double riding allowed. All minors need to be accompanied with a parent or guardian. It is the parents responsibility to make sure this is an appropriate activity for their child. We do not provide childcare while parents are on a ride.


A riding waiver must be completed in person in order to ride. Helmets must be worn at all times. Helmets are provided by Rocky Mountain Stables. We are a drug and alcohol-free establishment. We reserve the right to withdraw a person who is, in our opinion, likely to endanger themselves or others. We reserve the right to cancel a ride if we become concerned about the safety of anyone on the ride, FOR ANY REASON.


Our rides do go out in all SAFE weather conditions, rain or shine. If a cancellation is made by Rocky Mountain Stables for any safety-related reason, we will diligently work to reschedule you for another ride or provide a full refund. Unless communicated, riders should expect to ride and be on time.

Attire and Electronics:

Pants and closed toe shoes are recommended for your comfort and safety. We also recommend that our guests wear sunscreen. Please refrain from having anything “wrapped or strapped” to you during the duration of your ride. For your safety, we will not allow backpacks, purses, etc. on the ride. We are not responsible for lost or damaged electronics or valuables. Please secure all your electronics like GoPros, cameras, iPhones, etc. properly on your person before your ride. Cell phones must be put in silent during the duration of your tour.


Free parking at stables for standard vehicles. No RV parking or trailer parking. No overnight parking.

To ensure that your ride goes smoothly and to minimize delays, please be aware of the following:

  1. Please check the location before you book. We are located at the YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch.

  2. We Do Not allow  double riding. This means a child is no longer allowed to ride with a parent.

  3. No Dogs or pets allowed on the Sleigh Rides unless booked as a private and approved by management.

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